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Frequently Asked Questions

It is our goal to have 100% customer satisfaction.  Please read the following guidelines and frequently asked questions to ensure a smooth and successful installation.

1. Estimate drawing. The estimate provides a detailed drawing of the work to be completed. Please let us know if there are any changes or corrections so that we may update the pricing. Our minimum charge to install curbing is $850.

2. Sprinklers.  Please mark your sprinkler location prior to our arrival.  If there are sprinklers in the way, we suggest moving them in advance of the curbing.  If the sprinklers are not marked, we cannot be responsible if one is covered.

3. Drainage holes.  We offer our customers the option of placing drainage holes in the curbing to allow for water to flow.  Please tell us if you have specific requests. We will make our best judgement in the placement of the holes, however, these may not be exact.
4. Preparation & Wires: When preparing the beds for the curbing, we remove the grass from the area to be curbed.  Tell us if there are any wires that might be buried under the sod.  We will be extra cautious in those areas.  We are not responsible for severed wires if we have not been notified of their exact location.  

5.  Installation: The Kwik kerb is a permanent product that is installed by our professional crew. We encourage you to watch during the installation.  We schedule our jobs while the customer is home to avoid any problems. Our crew will go over the layout design and the color before we begin.  Please tell us if you have any concerns or changes while we are installing the curbing.  We cannot make changes once the curbing is completed and we have left the job.

6. Front Edge Cleaning:  While installing, we clean the excess concrete and color on the front side of the curbing.  We try to get as much as possible but there may be some concrete bits left behind.  These will break up and disappear after the grass is mowed a fee times.  We do not clean the back side of the curb because your bedding will cover the back. Upon request, we will clean the backside of curb for an extra fee.

7.  Curing time:  Concrete takes 30 days to cure.  While drying, you may see light and dark areas.  This is water evaporating from the concrete.  Eventually, the curbing should cure to be about the same color (variations may occur).  Let your lawn service know not to trim or edge during the first 30 days.  You may bring the rocks or mulch back to the curbing edge after a few days.  Be careful not to hit the curbing with a rake or shovel, or scrape the surface with a wheelbarrow.  

8.  Damage to the curb.  The first day, the curbing is soft and vunerable to damage. It takes overnight for the curbing to harden and be less prevalent to damage.  During the first few hours, the curbing may be damaged by people walking by, pets or small animals stepping on the curbing, branches or palm fronds falling.  Once we leave the premises, we are not responsible for any damage. Please call us immediately if you see damage.  The curbing is more easily repaired when it is fresh. Repair fee is $100.

9.  Re-Sealing.  We recommend that the curbing be resealed once a year.  You may do this yourself with a garden sprayer.  Use a Urethane, solvent based Sealer mixed with Xylene 50/50. Do not use a latex water based sealer.  We offer a clean and seal service. If you do not seal the curbing, areas that are exposed to the sun will get lighter, lose color, and fade over time.

10.  Cracking:  We do everything we can to prevent cracking in unwanted places by placing a control joint every 4 feet.  Usually cracks occurs from settling of the soil, roots of a tree or shrub, or something external hitting the curbing.  Cracks are out of our control and there is no guarantee that cracks will not appear. 

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